Fish Transport Systems

InMotion reduces risk to live fish during transport — safely and automatically.

After raising fish for many months, growers often transport their fish to the ocean, lakes or other grow-out locations. Transport distance/time varies greatly from minutes to hours and possibly overnight and controlling DO levels during transport is critical for the well-being of the fish. A good oxygen monitoring system can control dissolved oxygen as needed and alarm in the event of a failure. The key reasons to have a transport system are as follows:

  1. Transport tanks have a lower volume of water, no water exchange, and generally higher fish densities. Changes happen much more rapidly than in culture tanks or raceways. Controlling oxygen automatically can prevent fish loss.
  2. Stress factors during transport do not always cause immediate losses but may lead to poor survival rates later. Fish stress can be reduced with properly maintained DO levels.
  3. An oxygen monitoring system prevents technicians from having to climb up on the tank with a handheld meter while stopped on the side of the road. This is often considered to be one of the more dangerous jobs of a hatchery technician.