InWater Optical Probe

The new InWater Optical Probe.

The InWater Optical Dissolved Oxygen (DO) sensor is a reliable,
durable, and low maintenance probe with the In-Situ RDO®
Core technology*. Dissolved oxygen is measured based on the
quenching of luminescence in the presence of oxygen. This
provides rapid response time and does not consume oxygen;
thus, the sensor does not require water movement for
accurate measurements.
The standard cable length is 10m but can be custom ordered
with other lengths. The sensor calibration coefficients are
stored in the sensing foils located in the replaceable cap. A
thermistor is included with the DO sensor tip to co-locate
temperature with the sensing elements. The sensor base is
designed with ¾” NPT threads for a wider range of mounting
The InWater Optical Dissolved Oxygen sensor is proudly
assembled in Canada.