System Options

Comparison of features in each system option.


PT4 Sync software

LC3 (7” screen)

LC3 (10” screen)

Alarm output (1)


Email alarming



Viewing on local PC


Remote viewing on computer / phone / tablet (2)



Remote control


Maximum number of RIUs





Data logging









(1) RIU3 relays can be programed for alarming and wired in series to an auto-dialer, alarm panel, siren/light
(2) Remote viewing with Sync is possible if the computer is viewed via third-party remote desktop app making it accessible on a phone and/or tablet.

The LC3 with a 7” or 10” screen

The LC3 is the main control unit of the Point4 monitoring system and allows for alarm outputs, emailing alarms, remote monitoring/control, data logging and graphing. Features and benefits:

  • Intuitive user-friendly touchscreen interface
  • User configurable and expandable
  • Alarm indicators for full system and individual channels
  • Alarm notification options include audible/visual alarms, phone, email and text
  • Multi-level password protection limits control
  • Analyze your data with built-in data tables, charts and data sampling
  • Networkable units allow for cost effective, scalable design

Point4 monitoring and control system with an LC

Point4 monitoring and control system with PT4 Sync

PT4 Sync is our Microsoft Windows based software that allows for viewing of networked RIUs on a PC.

Transport System

The InWater Transport System is a specialized design for the transportation of live fish. It is customizable to the number of tanks and can be used for just monitoring or monitoring and control. Each tank contains a probe measuring dissolved oxygen and temperature which is connected to an RIU. The RIUs contain internal relays that can be used to control solenoid valve and flowmeter assembly to automatically dose oxygen, based on specific values set by the user. Other probe options are also available. Data and system settings are transmitted wirelessly to a portable tablet.

Key features and benefits:

  • Safety – Data can be viewed in the cab of the truck while transporting
  • Convenience – Users can walk around the vehicle with the tablet to view and perform system inspections
  • Automation – Oxygen is added automatically if levels drop below a user defined value
  • Alarming – If oxygen drops below a critical value, the user can by notified by an audible and/or visible alarm in the cab
  • Data logging and visualization – Data can be logged and visualized on a tablet

NOTE: The Wireless Modem and RIU3 Enclosure boxes require 12VDC power supply to be provided by the customer.