Standalone and integrated water quality monitoring tools


Standalone and integrated water quality monitoring tools


Aquaculture is considered one of the most efficient methods of producing food across the globe. Advances in technology have made these industries even more sustainable, but one thing always remains the same: the need for good water. Reliable, simple-to-operate water quality solutions can reduce risk and increase yields.

Environmental Monitoring

Monitoring water quality in natural water bodies requires high-quality data to confidently drive environmental stewardship. Discover current or emerging trends or confirm compliance. Discover trends or confirm compliance by collecting data in the field with InWater’s portable meters or remotely-deployed solar-powered solutions.

Fisheries Stock Enhancement

Monitor. Alert. Activate. Water quality monitoring, alarming, and automatic control offers peace-of-mind protection for hatchery fish stocks. Optimal water quality can also reduce stress and mortality on fish stocks while in hatchery and in transit, and improve survival in the future.

Life Support Systems & Laboratories

A range of probes and meters including Total Gas Pressure sensors to keep your systems safe.

University & Research Facilities

The InWater monitoring system is the most reliable, streamlined solution for tank-side control on the market. It maintains a stable environment in your tanks by precisely controlling water quality so researchers can focus on their studies. Data are displayed in real-time and high-resolution time-series can be logged.

Waste Water Treatment

The Remote Interface Unit (RIU) provides localized monitoring and control which can work hand-in-hand with the facility's SCADA.

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