VAKI Fish Graders, Counters & Pumps

Extensive range of graders, counters and pumps that align the best technology with the exacting demands of leaders in aquaculture.


VAKI offers two types of Fish Graders; Smart Grader which is available in three sizes 5, 7 and 10 track and Drum Grader.


VAKI counters are revolutionary, based on a scanning camera and computer vision. Fish flow gently in water through the scanning area where all images are recorded. Custom software is used to analyse and count each image. Even at maximum capacity the counters are extremely accurate – over 99%. The main advantage of VAKI counters is accuracy, speed, and accuracy verification with fish in water at all times.


Safe, gentle, fast way to transfer fish.

From an economic standpoint, VAKI Fish Pumps are capable of reducing operating costs and dramatically improving efficiency.

VAKI Fish Pumps are precision manufactured from the highest-quality materials and are available in three sizes; 6″, 8″ and 10″ and in 2 model types as a Basic or Smart Pump. For many years, Aquaculturists around the world have utilized the robust, proven performance of VAKI Fish Pumps to move salmon, trout, char, tilapia, hybrid striped bass, mackerel, anchovy, yellow-tail, shrimp, and many other species.